Advertisement Analysis

The up and coming company Soda Stream posted an advertisement that was banned from being shown during the Super Bowl. The advertisement featured a direct attack on Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Soda stream is a product that creates soda in a machine a customer can purchase. The company boasts the sustainability of its product by preventing the use of hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles a day.

The advertisement from Super Bowl Sunday shows two truck drivers (one carrying Pepsi and one carrying Coke) taking their products into a grocery store. As the two drivers race to enter the store, the bottles they are carting in begin to explode. The scene shifts to a man making soda in his kitchen using the Soda Stream product, while the commentator explains how many plastic bottles can be saved by using the new product. The company’s tag line, “ set the bubbles free” is a metaphoric example of the products point. This version of the advertisement was banned during the Super bowl because of its direct attack on the two soda companies, an edited version that didn’t target specific soda companies was shown.

The advertisement obviously aims to sell the new product, but does so by showing how sustainable and logical it is for somebody who drinks soda regularly to buy it. The advertisement gears toward a huge market populace, since according to a gallop poll; about 50 percent of Americans drink soda daily (Melnick). This large populous made it worth spending millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad for a company that is still small.  

One might question the ethics of this company after targeting specific soda companies in their advertisement, thought not aired, is now the homepage of their website. I do not think it was necessary for them to target specific soda companies. They could have targeted the industry as a whole and still gotten the point of their product across.

Advertisements, especially on super bowl Sunday, have to stand out.  Companies realize that exploiting competition is a good way to make their product stand out, even though the ethics of this decision are questionable.

Melnick, Meredith. “American Soda Consumption: Half Of Us Drink It Everyday, Study Says.” The Huffington Post., 25 July 2012. Web. 09 Feb. 2013.



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